Competent protection for persons and environment

We specialised in the extensive field of nuclear, biological and chemical hazmats for being able to offer you fast and effective solutions for all operations!
Due to the combination of the right components (customizing) or individual solutions (engineering) we will reach the ideal result for your application!
Benefit from our longtime experience in the field of environmental protection. Our high market share proves us right!

Ro/Ro Container

Ro/Ro-Containers for the fire brigade have to fulfill especially high requirements acc. to DIN 14505 regarding their stability and twisting ability. Due to this reason our Ro/Ro-Containers have special construction features which guarantee highest safety.


We have a lot of high quality equipment for you. There are power generator and pumps.


We differentiate between nuclear, biological and chemical contaminations.
Equipment will be fast and effective decontaminated by our specially developed deFcon®-systems. The contaminated mass which arises here is only a fraction of the conventional decontamination.
A decontamination of persons must be realised immediately to avoid or reduce the damages that can arise from contaminations on the skin or from penetration. A fast and efficient person decontamination is therefore required.
Contaminated persons (also injureds) will be safely decontaminated with Gimaex deFcon® P-foam. All foam additives are licensed products.

HazMat Vehicles

Due to their total weight the Gimaex HazMat trucks GW-G will be separated into three designs. Up to 3.5 t, up to 7.5 t and more than 7.5 t. The heaviest standardised GW-G has a total weight of 11 t. It provides extensive equipment like protective clothes, pumps, hoses, containers and measuring devices.
This equipment acts for the realisation of immediate measurements at accidents with hazardous materials. The medium GW-G has less loading and a permitted total weight of 7.5 t. The loading of the light design with 3.5 t is provided for the rescue of persons and the avoiding of a further spread of hazardous materials.

Oil defense

Today oil operations on water courses are standard for fire brigades. The protection of surface water courses and therefore drinking water is an important task which we met responsible. In case of oil accidents on rivers or lakes the oil defense will directly be adopted on site for taking up and separating oil-water mixtures. Through this the water pollution will be reduced to a minimum.



Environmental Protection
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