The right equipment for the successful rescue.

All vehicles are acc. to the required standard and furthermore they offer you individual possibilities which correspond to your special requirements. This is what we call engineering!
Customizing means for us the ideal combination of various components for the vehicle solution. Use our engineering and customizing for your economical and functional advantage.
Wether training, maintenance, retroffiting or completely new Technical Rescue Trucks with all necessary tools: we are the right and competent
partner for you.


Like at Technical Rescue- and equipment truck we also use special Gimaex alu-profiles for the interior fittings of the Ro/Ro-Container. A better clearness and a lower weight will be the result. Through this we will reach a higher payload for the equipment.
As Ro/Ro-Containers can variably be used it is possible for you to bring several containers to operation by just one hooklift truck. By placing the Ro/Ro-Containers at ground level it is possible to easily remove mobile trolleys that are loaded with heavy equipment and to bring them to the operation site.

Technical Rescue Truck

The Gimaex Technical Rescue Truck is a fire fighting vehicle with fourwheel drive. It will be used for the technical rescue. Gimaex Technical Rescue Trucks carry a fire fighting equipment that is acc. to the DIN standard. Our strength is the adjustment of the vehicles to your wishes and requirements. The Technical Rescue Trucks are also provided with the Gimaex alu-profile design which results in the known advantages.


A very interesting special is our Small multi purpose vehicle


It depends on the right loading and the right tools. Naturally Gimaex offers you extensive rescue devices. From camera systems to rescue spreaders, shears and special tools - we offer you a fire fighting loading that matches your ideas.



Disaster Management
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