Gimaex all over the world!

At these production locations we are working for you:

  • Frankreich
  • Germany
  • China
  • USA
  • Belgium
  • Senegal
  • Algerien

Central (St. Maur), France

Gimaex Headquarter Paris (Mitry Mory), France

Approx. 30 employees are working in the administration and production of rescue vehicles.

Gimaex Charleville, France

With approx. 50 employees we produce booms for rescue and fire fighting. Regarding the electric industry company EGI (100% daughter of the Gimaex group) is responsable.

Gimaex Roanne, France

In Roanne we produce standard fire fighting trucks (also special trucks for the industry, airports and fire brigades). 70 employees are working for you in design, production and sales.

Gimaex Tourouvre, France

Approx. 40 employees are manufacturing turn table ladders. We plan to extend this special kind of production in 2008.

Gimaex Wilnsdorf , Germany

Approx. 90 employees are working in sales and production. Earlier "Schmitz fire fighting and environmental protection GmbH" the company joined Gimaex in 2004 and developed "Gimaex-Schmitz Fire and Rescue GmbH".

Schmitz was established in 1934, and the company quickly gained an excellent reputation as supplier and competent partner of the local fire brigades. The succeeding generations expanded the company and concentrated its activities in the product range known today.

Over 40 years ago we already were pioneers in the production of equipment and vehicles designed for the use in environmental protection by fire brigades.

Today we are known for our innovative work and competent partnership with national and international fire brigades.

Gimaex Luckenwalde (Berlin), Germany

With about 40 employees we are constructing trucks and equipment. Since 2007 the development of sales and production of the One Seven®-System for mobile and stationary applications is our target.

Gimaex France
Gimaex Germay
Gimaex Beijing / China
Gimaex Palm Beach / USA
Gimaex Belgium
Gimaex Senegal
Gimaex Algeria

In these own sales offices 30 employees are working for you.


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